Workshops / Lessons

Paintings made by students

Workshop Ink for groups of 3 to 6 people

The workshop is given in a spacious studio in Amersfoort.
I reserve the studio for part of the day, usually Saturday afternoon.
Another day is sometimes also possible.

Unfortunately, individual appointments are not possible.

The workshop is designed to show what you can achieve with ink.
A free way of sketching, drawing and painting with lines and spots.

We practice with all kinds of tricks and techniques that I have at home.
It is for everyone who enjoys drawing.
You do not need to bring any material.

Long workshop
From 13:00h to 17:00h – € 45 p.p.

Short workshop
From 2:00h pm to 4:30h pm – € 35 p.p.

If you send an email, we will schedule a date and I will send the additional information.