Tineke Bosselaar at Galerie Art Unica

INK PAINTINGS, EACH LINE AND POINT LIVESBeautiful inks - Expositie - Tineke Bosselaar at Galerie Art Unica

In the paintings, the essence of the movement is expressed in just a few brush strokes, as in this ballerina, so that every line or point lives.

The technique of ink painting

Painting with ink is a difficult technique because the ink is flowing quickly and every region has to be hit at once. Correction is not possible. The combination of different types of ink and special brushes therefore requires enormous experience and technical skills to reach the level of Art Unica Collection ink paintings offered.

High artistic level

Art Unica offers high-level ink paintings by the leading Dutch professional visual artist Tineke Bosselaar. For twenty years, she has been the absolute top in this specialization with unrivaled technology, artisticity and expressiveness.

Contemporary and space creating

The contemporary ink paintings create space and work well in a borderless or minimalist decorative list, leaving all the attention to the painting. For a powerful contrast and allure, a classic museum list also fits.

Combining multiple paintings

All paintings can be combined perfectly, making it easy to realize tasteful combinations and larger image levels.


The materials used for the Unica ink painting collection are of the highest quality. The surface is acid-free, the inks have a high pigment content and are color-resistant, leaving each painting clear and fresh and thus will not fade.

Choice of 2 free decorative frames

Each painting is framed and fitted with a beautiful matching passe-partout. Choose from two custom-made borderless or narrow aluminum colored trim strips for a tasteful whole.

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