About Me

tineke bosselaar about me beautiful inks

My name is Tineke Bosselaar, born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1958.
I studied at the School of Arts in Utrecht and Amersfoort.

Working with ink has become my specialty since about 20 years. I like to work with ink because of the spontaneous effects and strong appearance.
I only use inks with a high concentration of pigments, so that the colours are intense and remain bright.
I have fun playing with spots, lines and shapes.

Ballet, dance, movement are important sources of inspiration for me, but also subjects like animals and nature. I want to catch the movement, the charm and emotion in a few strokes and lines.

My work is sometimes based on a photo or study of a form, but I often work freely and lead me through music and I base my drawings on my imagination.
See also the movie in the video tab.